Zipline With Zombies At Thomas Falls


Do you want to hear a scary story? It starts over a century ago when a cowboy hanged himself in an old barn. The barn seemed overtaken by gravity after that, and it was almost pulled down a hill. The locals weren’t having it, so they built a new barn in its place. That barn also had a strange pull of gravity and eventually, a burial ground was discovered underneath it. It’s believed that the spirits have taken over the barn and the surrounding area, and they try to push anyone they can over the hill.

Getting scared yet? Your pulse might be racing a bit, but you still want to see it in person, right? What if you didn’t just see it? What if you rode a zip line around it? That’s what you can do when you Zipline with the Zombies at Thomas Falls. This creeptastic activity is available through Oct. 31, and you can enjoy three zip lines and additional scares for $39. If you think you’re brave enough, make your reservations and get ready to whiz by zombies. Well, at least hopefully you’ll whiz by. Let’s hope that zip line is quick, so they can’t catch you.

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Other Scary Events

You can do more than just zip line with the zombies when you go to Thomas Falls. You can also enter the gravity barn if you’re feeling brave enough. See if you’re susceptible to the gravitational pull in this spooky barn.

Now, if you’re really feeling brave, you can even walk through the Creatures of the Night Maze and tour the Tomb of the Dead Mausoleum. Keep in mind, these activities are not for the faint of heart. You need to put on a brave face and try to make it through these haunted attractions.

You are going to get spooked at this event. You’ll be scared for days. After you finally calm down, you’ll want to spend some fun time out and about, visiting some non-scary attractions. Start by picking up some new wheels from Toyota of Longview in Longview, Texas. Our new wheels will keep you safe and secure, and help you get to all those fun destinations.