Take a Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon

How would you like to get a unique perspective of Longview from above? Far, far above? Assuming you’re not afraid of heights, taking a ride in a hot air balloon sounds like an incredible way to spend an hour or so. If this is one of your bucket list items, you’re in luck—Balloon Adventures, U.S.A. is ready to make it happen.

Specializing in scenic flights of fancy, Balloon Adventures, U.S.A. offers unforgettable hot air balloon experiences that allow up to six passengers per balloon to soar high over the earth for a bird’s-eye view of the land. Riders can take in expanses of pine woods, glass-surfaced lakes, and freshly cut hayfields as they relax in the professionally maintained and operated hot air balloon for the duration of their ride.

Sunrise and sunset flights are available year-round for $275 per adult; $175 for children 10 and under. Gift certificates and private flights are also available. Toast the breaking day with a flute of Champagne and get ready to take some spectacular photographs.

Balloon Adventures, U.S.A. was founded in 1977 and is located in the heart of Longview, where the natural beauty of northeast Texas lends itself to these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Balloon Flight FAQs

Q: How high can the balloon fly?

A: The typical balloon flight ranges from just above the treetops to 2,000 feet high, but the operator can go higher if the customer requests it.

Q: How do you steer it?

A: Balloons float with the wind, so no two flights are the same. The balloon operator can adjust altitude to find currents of air moving in different directions that allow the operator to “steer” the balloon to a target or landing site.

Q: Why do hot air balloons fly only early in the morning or late in the afternoon?

A: These gentle aircraft need fair weather, with light winds and stable air. Conditions in early morning and late afternoon are generally more hot air balloon-friendly.

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