Make Plans To Attend The 2018 Harvest Festival And Livestock Show

Livestock Show
The countdown has officially begun. It’s almost time for the 2018 Harvest Festival and Livestock Show. It’ll be on Oct. 24–27 at the Longview Fairgrounds, and it’ll have all the fun and livestock you could possibly want. Mark your calendars and prepare to attend this popular annual festival. The Livestock When you... [read more]

Rock Out At The 903 Music Fest

903 Music Fest
It’s almost time to rock in Longview. The 903 Music Fest will be in downtown Longview on Oct. 12 and 13, and it’ll be packed with music. There’ll be 10 bands over the course of two days, and general admission single day tickets are $20 on Friday and $25 on... [read more]

Join The East Texas Walk To End Alzheimer’s

Walk To End Alzheimer's
These days, almost everyone knows someone who has suffered from Alzheimer’s. Even if you haven’t been affected by it personally, you probably know about the havoc it wreaks on older people’s lives. It’s a debilitating, degenerative brain disease that slowly strips the sufferer of basic functions. It can be incredibly... [read more]

Check Out Broadway At The View

You may have been to the ArtsView Children’s Theatre, but it was probably with your kids or some other little one you know. But what if you could go there for a Broadway-style performance and it is just for adults? Well, you can. Broadway at the View is coming up,... [read more]

Calling All Home Brewers To Homebierfest 2018

Do you love to brew your own beer at home? Or maybe you just like to drink beer at home. Either way, you will love going to Homebierfest 2018. It’s a 21-and-up festival that’s centered on the home brewing culture. But it doesn’t matter whether you brew your own beer... [read more]

Take Part In The Kids Catfish Tournament

Kids Catfish Tournament
Do your kids love to fish? Have you taught them how to cast a line? If so, you might want to sign them up for the Kids Catfish Tournament. This tournament is an excellent way to help them work on their fishing skills while they have fun, meet other kids... [read more]

2018 East Texas State Fair Returns This Month

East Texas State Fair
It doesn’t get much better than a state fair. The rides, food, and friends all come together to make it an experience you never want to forget. Well, now you get to make new memories because the 2018 East Texas State Fair is coming up on Friday, Sept. 21 at... [read more]

Don’t Miss The Ruffles And Rust Expo

Ruffles And Rust Expo
Take shopping to another level when you attend the Ruffles and Rust Expo. If you enjoy going from vendor to vendor browsing an eclectic mix of items, you won’t want to miss all the Ruffles and Rust Expo has to offer. For those of you with a taste for flair,... [read more]

Visit the Starr Family Home State Historic Site

History is all around us, every single day. Many times, people consider history to be a part of some grand design with the world that doesn’t impact us very much – such as the countless wars in America, the California gold rush, or even the pyramids in Egypt. However, this... [read more]