Explore Your Artistic Side at Painting With a Twist

Painting with a Twist Longview
For Longview residents that have been longing to explore their artistic side, there is a new way to have fun and be artistic at the same time. This is by attending an art class at Painting with a Twist. Motto: Looks Like ART, Feels Like FUN! Painting with A Twist embarks on... [read more]

The 2017 Toyota Prius Prime is the Most Fuel Efficient Hybrid to Date

2017 Toyota Prius Prime
If you know anything about hybrid vehicles, you know that they are created to have great fuel efficiency. Well, Toyota manufacturers have taken this a step further. After 20 years and 4 generations of producing the Prius, Toyota has perfected the hybrid with the 2017 Prius Prime! In fact, this... [read more]

Tax Season Stress Relievers in Longview

Tax Season Stress Relievers in Longview
Get excited! Tax season stress relievers in Longview Texas are the answer for a relaxation period filled with calming thoughts. Tax season can bring about stress and anxiety. However, that doesn't mean that you can't take some time out to relieve that stress and make time for yourself. Take a... [read more]

New Games are Coming to the Northeast Texas Tabletop Convention

Northeast Texas Tabletop Convention
Dungeons and Dragons and other fellow tabletop enthusiasts are welcome at the Northeast Texas Tabletop Convention on March 25th from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Located at the Mobberly Baptist Church in Longview, Texas, there will be all sorts of new games available to be played. Maybe you'll be able to... [read more]

Why You Should be Playing Co-Op Board Games

Co-Op Board Games Longview
When you think about board games, the games that usually come up are Monopoly, Sorry, Scrabble, etc. Although these games can be fun to play, they can actually be taken up a notch. Something these games all have in common is the fact that they are competitive style games. Can... [read more]

Spring is Here, Get Out and About in Longview

Spring Events Longview
Hey Longview, Texas! Spring out of your seat, get up and get going! Getting out of the house can inspire you. Whether you're adventurous, want to connect with the community, or are looking for a great date night idea, here are some events that just might end up being fond... [read more]

Finding Local Honey in Longview

Local Honey Longview
If you are a resident in or around Longview, Texas and embrace the delicious and nutritious benefits of natural honey, know that there are some organic marketplaces around Longview to buy your supply of excellent honey. When you buy honey locally, you are getting the best buy for your money... [read more]

Things to Know About Airbnb

Airbnb Tips Longview Texas
Do you have extra room in your home for someone else to stay? If you have an extra room in your apartment, boat or even a tree house, you can easily make money by allowing someone else to stay at your place. Airbnb is your best bet if you want... [read more]

Events for the Whole Family in Texas

Family Fun Longview Texas
If you live in the Longview, Texas area, then you will know that there are a number of events that are always going on to give a person plenty of things to choose from on a daily basis. These events vary in the types of activity and many of them... [read more]

Upcoming Events at Lone Star Ice House

Lone Star Ice House Longview
Longview, Texas is ready to show you a good time with some really good people. The Lone Star Ice House has some amazing events and shows lined up. Prepare yourselves for fun! Expect to be completely entertained in every way. You will be impressed with all of the talent and the... [read more]