Bring A Sweet Treat From These Local Bakeries To Your Holiday Parties

Local Bakeries

You already sent your RSVP to your friend or family member’s party, and you said you were going to bring something sweet for everyone to enjoy. But with how busy you’ve been, you just haven’t gotten around to baking anything yet… and the party is right around the corner! It’s okay; everyone has been there once or twice. Instead of putting something in the oven at the last minute and showing up to the party late, you can just stop at one of these local bakeries. These local bakeries offer some of the tastiest baked goods around, and no one will even know that it’s not homemade. Check these places out the next time you are in the mood for something sweet and delicious.

Edible Art Specialty Cakes and Cookies

If you were to just go to your local grocery store to pick up something from the bakery, the chances are that it wouldn’t really wow anyone. But when you choose to buy from Edible Art Specialty Cakes and Cookies, you won’t have that problem. This place has some of the most beautiful and unique-looking baked goods around, so everyone is sure to love whatever you bring to the party when you stop by here first.

La Cabane de Dessert

Are you looking for something on the fancier side to take to the party? No worries; La Cabane de Dessert will have just what you need. The pastries here are absolutely delicious, and you can even order a customized cake if you want the party to be extra-special. If you don’t want to bring a whole cake to the event, consider bringing some cupcakes instead. They come in a wide variety of flavors, such as key lime, Italian cream, and salted caramel. People are really going to go crazy for those. Discover why La Cabane de Dessert is one of the most popular bakeries around!

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Butcher Shop Bakery

It’s not every day that you see a bakery and a butcher shop combined, but it’s a pretty great combination. You can see it for yourself at the Butcher Shop Bakery. Not only can you stop and get some sweet treats here, but you may also be able to buy some meat or other savory goods for the party as well. It’s a one-stop shop that you have to check out.

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