Can You Break Out of Exit Strategy Escape Room?

Escape Room

It may sound like a questionable form of family fun, to be locked together in a room, given a deadline, and told you have to figure out how to escape using only the power of teamwork. But even if that sounds more like your nightmare come true than your idea of an enjoyable form of recreation, give it a shot at Exit Strategy Escape Room in Longview. This popular escape room venue offers an experience that is a natural adrenaline booster without being scary, so it’s enjoyable for all ages. What’s more, it hones communication skills and cooperation among group members—making it perfect for a family-friendly adventure, a team-building exercise, or a unique birthday party activity.

Escape Strategy Specs

The escape rooms at Escape Strategy can accommodate up to eight players per game, so if you have more than eight in your group, call ahead to discuss how to book more. At least four players are recommended to increase your chances of success, and if you have fewer than four players and don’t reserve the whole room, you may end up playing with others—think of it as a built-in opportunity to make some new friends. Tickets are $24 per person, but if you book the whole room, you get the discounted ticket price of $22 per person.

The escape rooms at Escape Strategy have two fun and action-packed themes—“Killer Cabin” and “Is the Price Right.” Both of these one-hour adventures are suitable for all ages.

Visit the Escape Strategy website to book tickets online or to learn more about hosting parties, accommodating large groups, and other helpful information.

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