A Twist on the Traditional Craft Show – Ruffles & Rust Expo

Ruffles and Rust Expo
Whether you love craft shows or are just looking for something fun to do, the Ruffles and Rust Expo is a great choice. This is a unique take on a craft show offering a combination of upscale boutique items and vintage goods. You can find nearly anything there and will... [read more]

Enjoy an Outdoor Adventure at Thomas Falls

Thomas Falls
If you love the outdoors or want to start taking advantage of it, Thomas Falls Outdoor Adventures & Event Center is the perfect place to go. The center is located in Diana, it is just a short drive from Longview, Texas. It's the perfect chance for a day of fun,... [read more]

It’s Time for the 48th Annual Gregg County Fair

Gregg County Fair
The Gregg County Fair is a long-running tradition, and the 48th annual event is coming up next month. Plan on spending a day or two enjoying all that the fair has to offer with your family and friends. Between rides, entertainment, and shopping, there is something for everyone. Important Details The Gregg... [read more]

Experience these Exhibits at the Gregg County Historical Museum

woman at Gregg County Historical Museum exhibition
Are you on the hunt for the perfect family event? Take everyone out to the Gregg County Historical Museum for an experience you won't soon forget. This museum offers multiple exhibits based on a variety of topics. So, no matter what you're interested in, you're sure to find something at... [read more]

Top Restaurants in Longview: Part 2

best longview restaurants
When your tummy grumbles, don't settle for the same old same old. Longview, Texas has too many great restaurants to not eat somewhere delicious. From a quick lunch to a date night dinner, we've got the top spots in town right here. Check out the menus and plan your next... [read more]

Top Restaurants in Longview: Part 1

Top Restaurants in Longview: Part 1
Looking for an amazing restaurant for your next date night, or night out on the town? Check out these top restaurants in Longview, TX and find your perfect fit. With so many options, there is guaranteed to be something that everyone can get excited about. To learn more, read below. Pho... [read more]

Take a Dallas Road Trip to See These Music Icons

Take a Dallas Road Trip to See These Music Icons
Looking for one last awesome thing to do this summer to make memories? Take a road trip to Dallas to see one of this incredible artists perform. With so many incredible options, there is guaranteed to be a show that everyone can get excited about. Read below to find you... [read more]

Dessert Shops in Longview That’ll Fix Your Sweet Tooth!

desserts in a shop
Craving something sweet? Longview has the perfect fix for your sweet tooth. This area has lots of great dessert shops that you and your family are sure to love. Read about these various places for delicious treats in the Longview area, and see which one best interests you! Diddy’s Yogurt Shoppe If you... [read more]

Come out to Longview’s Great Texas Balloon Race!

Hot air balloons at the Great Texas Balloon Race
Come and celebrate the 40th annual Great Texas Balloon Race this year! The theme for this year's celebration is “Lifting Up Longview”. Trust us, the beauty of these massive balloons will have you hooked! So, stop by the "Ballon Capital of Texas" and let the fun begin! Event Information Every year, this... [read more]